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Discussion on: How to Use GitHub Pages

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Bruno Drugowick Author

Hi, Chris. Thanks for the suggestion.

But you end up with several comment options, right? I saw that in your website you have Disqus and you have a duplicate of the post here on, with native comments from

I don't want that. I ended up here at trying to figure out the best way to have both more traffic and comments on my blog/posts. What I did (in fact just did, see this commit) was to move my posts to and on the blog my posts are now just excerpts of the posts. To the excerpt I added a property with the link to the post.

Take a look: (if you haven't already).

This way I have more traffic (I can say that with confidence since we're discussing over my post, hahahaha) and only one place to manage the discussions.

This added a complication, which is to create the excerpts on my blog after every post here on I could maybe iterate over the RSS from on my Jekyll blog (since API doesn't provide an excerpt) or even automate the excerpt creation... but that's for another time... hehehe.