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Discussion on: Organizing MVU Projects

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How interesting. I'd rather not know if I have ADHD but I do have a short-term memory and I am almost never programming more than 2 hours in a row anyways. I solved the get-back-in-the-flow issues with writing docs first and filling the code in the middle -- and leaving a test failing here and there. I am almost more of a writer than a coder but then after leaving notes to myself for a few years, I find it easy to write any kind of technical article. Tooling helps for sure, and I love the types that I don;t have to write. I get the benefits without the trouble :-)

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Kasey Speakman Author • Edited on

For me I was literally not remembering the property names and types I just looked at or typed into one file and needed to now consume in another. (I remembered them, but not precisely -- spelling/capitalization/exact term etc.) Maybe all these years of types have trained my behavior that I don't have to. 😂