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Discussion on: Is 0kb of JavaScript in your Future?

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Bruno Paz • Edited on

As mostly a Backend Developer myself, IMO one of the things modern frontend really got right is the component model. Yes you could use "includes" or "partials" in traditional server side frameworks, but you would still need to wire the javascript in separate files, which I have some trouble to get into my head after get used to the component structure.

It´s really interesting to see that, from one side, traditional backend technologies trying to close the gap to modern client applications with technologies like Hotwire Turbo, Phoenix Live View, etc, while from another side client frameworks also getting closer to the server with React Server components, SvelteKit, etc.

The future looks bright IMO and hope we will reach a middle ground.

I start playing a bit with Svelte and I am really impressed with it´s bundle size. Svelte has ~2kb gzipped while, for example Hotwire Turbo, has ~13kb gzipped. If you add Stimulus, it´s another ~8kb gzipped.

Here goes one of their main selling points and It makes really hard to think of doing a traditional full SSR with templates again and loosing all the component based structure ;)

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Ryan Carniato Author

Yeah this is a good point. As much as client side gets flack for size the libraries and approaches innovated to combat these are actually pretty good at it. Sure that doesn't help with all the 3rd party libraries brought in but compilers like Svelte or Marko or Solid can really aid in tree-shaking where the minimal bundles can be even smaller than advertised especially on small demos.

In reality Svelte components scale different etc, so final bundle sizes can actually be a bit larger etc.. but the overall thing is still very small.

Most of the server focus libraries like Hotwire, Stimulus, Alpine are larger and in many cases have worse browser performance. But I see the tension there since client side libraries want to control the rendering on the server to deliver their experience while optimizing rather than just be an Island in many cases.

Things are definitely converging, but at the same time it's more like passing ships. This ultimately might become a language thing.