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re: Adding a file to .gitignore doesn't remove it from git. It just ignores it in the "working tree", and when doing bulk adds (IE: git add . or git co...


If you need to remove the file from the git cache but not from the file system (aka, if you had a file checked in and then added it to .gitignore), you can run:

git rm --cached path/to/file

git rm --cached path/to/file

Cool I learned something new today

But I'm a little confused about your use case. It seems to me that adding the file to .gitignore would do the trick.

The use case in my post is admittedly pretty specific, but we don't want to add the config files to .gitignore because the files are needed for the codebase to run properly. These config files also happen to have debugging options in them, so you have to modify the git working tree to enable them.

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