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My first journey towards a product begins

brokenthorn profile image Paul-Sebastian Manole ・1 min read

This might be a strange first post but I am super excited by the new project I started.

It's my first serious commercial project and I'm building it with a few co-founders.

The product I'm building is a sales application for pharmacies.

I'm targeting pharmacies because I have extensive work experience in the field, I know a lot of the pain points, and I know what people need.

Of course, the need for this kind of project is high (one of the potential customers is in fact the company I work for) and I'm preparing to talk to a few people to gather more insight about what problems they are having and how they are solving them right now.

You can check out the project and track my progress on my Indie Hackers page.

If you're interested in the project, you can send me an email. My contact details are on my IH page.

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