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Spoilt for choice, Javascript and all its options?

As a full-stack javascript developer, all the frameworks available to us can sometimes feel overwhelming, and you might wonder what do I need to use and when? Well in this post today I will try breakdown my process for choosing the right tool for the job.

First let me start off by saying that you should not try and learn every new framework that comes along, it can be overwhelming especially for beginners.

Also this is just my opinion and what I prefer, some of these frameworks and tools can be replaced by something similar.

Non content driven static websites:

For this type of website I always stick with basic html and css and maybe some JS if really needed. Why? Because SEO is easier, speed is important and hosting is super simple. No need to use anything else.

Content Driven Websites

All we doing here is simple fetching and displaying of data. For this type of website usually some sort of CMS or Database is required, SEO is very important and speed as well, for this I would go with NextJS, NuxtJS, Astro or anything that has good SSR or SSG.

Content and Logic Driven (WEB APP)

Web apps usually require an API and a Front End with some sleek UX and a SPA feel to it. For this I usually go with AdonisJS since its a batteries included framework similar to Laravel or Django which is all you need. and VueJS or ReactJS via InertiaJS.

Content and Logic Driven native apps.

Here the Front end and Backend will always be decoupled. I usually go with NuxtJS + CapacitorJS , Capacitor Makes cross platform app development super simple. The API will be built in AdonisJS.

I hope this article helps and if you are enjoying my content please support me by Liking this article, Thank you.

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