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Discussion on: 6 HTML and CSS Good Coding Habits

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Brittney Postma • Edited on

This is the same snippet of code directly from Apple's site.

<div id="hero-headline-zoom" data-component-list="HeroTextZoom">
                                <h1 id="hero-headline" data-component-list="HeroHeadline" data-focus-expression="{&quot;expression&quot;: &quot;t - 100vh&quot;}" class="hero-headline typography-experience-hero-headline">iPad Pro</h1>
                                <div id="hero-headline-gradient"></div>
                                <h2 id="hero-subhead" class=" typography-experience-hero-subhead" data-focus-expression="{&quot;expression&quot;: &quot;t - 100vh&quot;}" data-component-list="HeroSubHeadline">Supercharged by the Apple M1 chip.</h2>
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Here is the snippet from the homepage, which the h2 is correct in.

<div class="unit-copy-wrapper">
                                                    <h2 class="headline">iPad Pro</h2>
                                                    <h3 class="subhead" role="presentation">Supercharged by the Apple&nbsp;M1&nbsp;chip.</h3>

                                        <div class="cta-links">
                                                    <a class="icon icon-after icon-chevronright" href="/ipad-pro/" target="_self" rel="follow" data-analytics-region="learn more" data-analytics-title="Learn more about iPad Pro" aria-label="Learn more about iPad Pro">Learn more</a>
                                                    <a class="icon icon-after icon-chevronright" href="/us/shop/goto/ipad_pro/select" target="_self" rel="follow" data-analytics-region="buy" data-analytics-title="Buy iPad Pro" aria-label="Buy iPad Pro">Buy</a>

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This is semantically correct, so while your example is technically correct for a page with multiple headings, it does not appear that way in your image. It seems that this is the page view, where there should be an h1 at that level. Your post isn't incorrect, it's just most of it was based on the circumstance you use it in.

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Stas Melnikov Author • Edited on

I told about approach that will help people to improve interfaces. Yes, if we consider snippet from Apple website role="presentation" helps. But it's a hack.

ARIA in HTML spec tells "Don't override default roles"

You told I wrote a bad practice but I don't understand where you found that.

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Brittney Postma

True, it's probably not bad practice after you explained it's from the home page. The other problem I saw was saying don't use grid with space between. Like I said before that is completely situational and using that is completely fine. I think it's more the wording and how the first example is taken out of context.