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re: I’m Shipping 12 Startups in 12 Months 🚀 VIEW POST


Wow very ambitious.
Do you have a specific framework you'll use all the time or choose based on the project?
Will you use a ci/cd pipeline to test and deploy ?


I do have a specific framework, I wrote my own in clojure so kind of a weird decision, but it's what makes me happy.

I won't have a ci/cd pipeline and I definitely won't be writing tests. It took me so long to shake my software engineering thoughts of robust code to get to this point of being able to just ship stuff and worry about scaling later. It's kind of freeing once you think, oh wait, I don't have any users or any traffic or anything. I can just put stuff on a page that looks halfway decent and go from there.

I will say though that I'm not just writing any old garbage, the stuff still works, but I'm more focused on the marketing/sales side for once in my life than the code side. I do still make some concessions though, like I have a git hook on my server so I can just push, don't really want to be FTPing haha.


Any update on how this went be interested to know pain points, blockers if you got 5 products currently on the go?

Yeah it went… ok, it was definitely harder for me to ship one "startup" a month due to the full time job and I also kind of took a road trip up the west coast of the US 🇺🇸 for 3 months. I did manage to do these things though: <— this one isn't finished :( <— neither is this one v2 <— currently working on this one, will finally launch on PH in a few days

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