Discussion on: I'm developing software and I don't Google any more.

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Marko Hrovatič

Heh, come back with another post when you discover that you are missing out on search results for your search terms. When you've spent hours searching DuckDuckGo and then tried googling the same search terms and the exact solution/topic you need poped up at the top when DuckDuckGo didn't even find it. Happened to me more than a couple dozen times in about six months I was using it and so eventually I had it with DuckDuckGo. I was wasting huge amounts of time just to use a hip search engine. Switched back to Google because results matter everything else is just sugar.

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Jaime LR Author

It happened to me a couple of times, but since most of my questions are quite basic when developing software, I find myself most of the times with the right answer using DDG.

Maybe I should update the post title to "I'm developing software and I don't Google... yet". :D

I must say again that it is important to remember that not all tools work the same way for everyone and this probably should be a quote to include in my next post. Thanks for your comment!