What's the best way to host small websites for free?

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Hello dev community! πŸ‘‹

I'm working on a fun project where I'll need to host a few .html files and a good number of SVG images. I've been researching GitHub Pages and that seems like a good idea for relatively small sites, but I wasn't sure if that's the best way to go if I have ~1.5mB of SVGs to go along with it.

I'd be very grateful for any ideas or suggestions. Thank you!

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I would recommend Now, it is more than static content hosting, but a complete serverless solution.


Thanks Gabriel! For what reasons do you prefer Now over alternatives?


For static websites, there have been many solutions, and it is hard to say which one is better.

However, you would want more than just static pages, and Now offers that.
If you have a look at their docs, you would find that Now currently provides support for Node/Python/PHP/Rust/Go/..., which is quite impressive.

To sum up, Now is more like a FaaS (Function as a service), and static page hosting is just one of its capabilities.

P.S., the team behind Now (zeit.co), is the creator of the famous React SSR framework Next.js


I have used AWS S3 static site hosting and AWS route 53 for custom domain mapping.
I like writing articles in markdown and used mkdocs to convert them to a simple site and then deploy it to S3 as well.


I used Netlify for my first ever static website and I'd definitely recommend it. Really easy setup!


I've been using Heroku for a few years to spin up basic sites!


GitHub is fine for much more than 1.5 MB. Iirc, you can have up to 5 GB, which I think is plenty.

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