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Discussion on: Best Skills to Turn My Internship Into a Career

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Brandon Burzon

Sure! I think knowing one unit testing framework and one mocking framework will meet 80% of what you'll need.

  • JUnit is the most popular and what we used at my company.
  • Easymock is a great mocking tool since it's super easy to use and learn.
  • Testing and Refactoring Legacy Code - It's a video demo of how you can integrate testing as part of your workflow via test driven development. You don't have to do TDD to be successful, but I think there are lessons to be learned from each practices.

Most of the frameworks share similar ideas so if later you find that your team is using something different, it's very easy to transition to the next framework.

As a side note, the book Effective Java is a gold mine full of Java best practices. There are a lot of book summaries available online, but I ended up buying the book to support the author.

Good luck and wish you all the best!