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Discussion on: I Bet You Don't Keep A Developer Journal: 3 Reasons You Should

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Brandon Charest

Great article and I couldnt agree more. Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) does seem to be getting a of talk around it recently. I personally use Obsidian, and while I am relatively new to the whole taking notes, writing down ideas, and documenting things I have learned and done, I am already beginning to see the benefits.

I agree taking notes and having quick access to them is great, I would also suggest looking into some of the note taking/storing methods out there and try to gain further benefits.

There are things like Linking Your Thinking, P.A.R.A Method, or even the Zettelkasten Method. Some of these might have paid courses to try and teach you how to use the given method, but there are plenty of free online resources out there that you can learn from. Just need to find the one that works best for you.

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Simon Barker Author

These are all great resource - thanks for taking the time.

Obsidian is installed on my system, I've just not had the time to play around with it yet sadly.