The beginning of a great adventure

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Using the "beginners" tag for a post with "beginning" in the title says a lot about the author's lack of "finesse", but so be it. And since I'm French, I don't even get credits for showing any "esprit".

As my profile says, I wrote web sites when Java Applets were supposed to become the thing. That did not happen and I stopped writing anything HTMLy shortly after. But that was fun. I remember coming to Japan with a printout of the HTML 4.0 draft in my suitcase and creating gif icons lovingly for the event calendar of a local NGO.

After close to 20 years, I decided to start again. Just because. Also because even at 50, a change of orientation in my career is vastly overdue. I still have at least 20 years to do fun stuff, and right now "front end" looks fun.

So, after trying the "more blogging" challenge, the "start programming" challenge, I decided to re-start that freecodecamp thing that I had left aside in January. Today I have completed the second track (basic CSS), and the only thing I saw there that was not in my CSS skill set was CSS variables and media queries. Neat stuff.

I did a lot of searching around the web before diving into this. I now have a few dozen blogs that I read in netNewsWire (the new alpha version), I bought a dozen books already (a lot from A Book Apart, some others, and plenty more on my list, I'll probably write reviews here), I'm getting the w3c updates for the CSS/HTML standards, but all this browsing and partial reading was not going to lead me anywhere.

So I decided to put all the stuff I do online. I have this github account that I created anew last year, and since github seems to be the place to be right now, then I'll put all my stuff up there. Hopefully one small thing every day, documenting my slow progression into the maze of web technologies (and local productivity). I guess that's a #100daysofcode thing. Or maybe a #10000daysofcode thing...


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In Japan since '97. Translating and localizing on Mac since 2000. FOSS advocate and user. Super proud that I have some code that's been accepted in Emacs :^)


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I'd say welcome back, but you are my senior by many years.
Instead I'll say this: Il n'est jamais trop tard pour (re)commencer une nouvelle aventure!


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