Restarting web design ? after 20 years.

エラリー ジャンクリストフ on October 27, 2018

Back when the web had just started (1996), I designed and created the 2nd bookstore site in France. The word then was "web design". There was no "f... [Read Full]
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This is interesting. I made my first website with a guest book around 2000, so I briefly remember what web was looking like.
Seems like you are doing great considering with post titles.
Good luck with life-ongoing learning!


It sounds like you are actually doing pretty well. As far as Javascript is concerned I think the standard has moved fast enough that learning anything that is not ECMAScript 6 or higher is going to be a waste of time. These days I just use Typescript and trust the Typescript team to handle all the compilation issues for me for targeting whatever version of ECMAScript is the lowest common denominator.

As for CSS I have no idea. It has always confused me.


Thank you for the advice.

Now, with the evolution of JS as a general purpose language, I'm wondering what part of it is relevant to my activity, ie as a domain specific language for the web. I do understand that it can be fun to program games to run in the browser, but I'm not into that (for now)... :)


Ah - I remember doing webdev in the 90s too - in many ways it was a lot easier. Dump that Perl script in ~/cgi-bin/ and hope you hadn't messed up any print statements - job done ;-). No worrying about which version of CSS you had to use, which javascript bundler/pre-processor was this weeks must-have ;-)

If it's any use - I've found a few video places that are quite good (for me anyway) picking up current JS/CSS/PHP stuff :

  • Wes Bos has a lot of paid courses, but it's worth checking out some of his free ones like , and . The podcast he does with Scott Tolinski (who also has a lot of useful video courses) is also really good for hearing about css/js 'stuff'

  • Jeffrey Way over at Laracasts mostly focuses on the Laravel PHP framework and PHP generally, but also covers javascript and css stuff. It's a 'pay for' subscription - but he puts out quite a few free videos too.

  • Brad Traversy's youtube channel is nice for intro's to a lot of modern dev stuff - javascript, css, all-sorts really. He quite often swears too which is always good to hear when dealing with tech ;-)

Anyway - good luck :-). I hope the javascript & css ecosystems don't drive you too mad ;-)


Thank you for the links ! I think I'm in love with the new CSS already. :) Not sure about JS, but I'm going to check !

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