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Very slow progress on my "New introduction to programing in Emacs Lisp", in org-mode, while listening to Gould's Bach toccatas, on top of 6 rows of boxes full of a Linux+Tex made Japanese-French dictionaries (authored by a friend) printed in Spain.

Alternative cardboard desk

On the left, washi and other types of papers for large-scale origami folding.

On the shelf, an always useful Japanese translation of "Programming Awk", "Unix/Linux shell script mastering" a "Natural language processing + deep learning, C version".

Along with other crucially important books like Camus, a bilingual Coran translated by Prof. Denise Masson, another one by Jacques Berque, along with Freud, Hjelmslev, Hugo, Lao-Tseu.

The joke being, "Dad, how many books here have you actually read ? Hum, not that many. And how many have you actually started ? Don't ask..."

It will take time, but I will finish this one...


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David Wickes

One day I'll learn to use and stick with elisp - I look forward to your book providing the suitable impetus

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Jean-Christophe Helary Author

Thank you !
Right now, the "book" is hosted here savannah.nongnu.org/projects/nipel/
It has not advanced much :-)