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I'm trying to sort the article ideas I have. Here are 5 of them:

  • explain how to write generic XML properly with ASObj-C, example with an omegat.project file

the point is to have a generic enough example that still has practical uses. For ex to create a TMX file, an omegat.project file, a setting file for my omegat launcher project (see below). For that use a tag list where the user can change the list items to fit her needs, instead of hardcoding the tags.

I'll point at the Foundation documentation (NSXML etc.) and explain how to read the doc that is not written with ASObj-C in mind but Obj-C rather, so that fellow coders can progress in that area too. That part will require some reading/learning from me too (incl. Shane's book about ASObj-C)

  • show a (table)toTMX application → I have the xls2tmx code, add comments

I have the application. I need to refine it for "public" use (remove local references) and add comments and explanations.
The app uses the first "raw" version of the XML generating code I'm trying to document above, ie pretty much the result of copy-pasting the code from the ASUL list. That needs to be rewritten.

The AppleScripting of Excel needs to be developed to cover Word as well, and eventually TSV text files.

  • alignment in OmegaT (find documentation about the algorithms)

Alignment in OmegaT is powerful but not super well documented. There is a need to research the algorithms and document the various options. That would be a "start from scratch" article.

  • show how to use ITS to create XLIFF based on an arbitrary format (Okapi)

I did that for an Open Source Conference in Tokyo once. I need to put that somewhere online for reference after serious rewrite. I'd use that to study ITS 2.0, XLIFF 2.1 and go deeper into understanding the Okapi Framework tools.

  • show an OmegaT starter in AppleScript

Almost have completed the code, as for xls2tmx needs explanations and comments in the code (including the XML part). I like that AppleScript app because it really eases the launching of OmegaT to do various things by using its various command line options transparently.

That could develop into an exercice into creating an AppleScript library for OmegaT.app. I would need to learn about the SDEF format etc.

If you have comments/suggestions/ideas, don't hesitate.

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In Japan since '97. Translating and localizing on Mac since 2000. FOSS advocate and user. Super proud that I have some code that's been accepted in Emacs :^)


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I'd love to read show an OmegaT starter in AppleScript. I don't know a lot about OmegaT so a starter guide would be nice 😄.


Well, my "OmegaT starter" is more like a starter script than like a starter guide. OmegaT has pretty good documentation, including a 10mn tutorial (really more like 15-20mn) and the doc comes in 20+ languages. I can tell because I rewrote the manual once, and was in charge of l10n for a long time. :-) There are also plenty of good videos all over the place.

My "starter" script is a small AppleScript application that tries to be smart when you want to launch OmegaT. If a project is selected in Finder, it proposes to open that project by default, or to create another one, if no projects are selected, it proposes to launch an empty OmegaT or to create a project by default, and if you have a team project selected it proposes to open the project locally if there is no internet connection, or connected if you have one.

All the code exists since I've been using it for a while now, I just need to refine the thing and explain/comment so that the article can be used a an AppleScript commented "lesson" and as real code that one can use out of the box.


Ok, I think I'l be working on the following 3 items:

  • explain how to write generic XML properly with ASObj-C, example with an omegat.project file

  • show a (table)toTMX application → I have the xls2tmx code, add comments

  • show an OmegaT starter in AppleScript

The reason is that I already have the code ready, and I just need to flesh out the comments and explanations to complete the things.

I'll work on the 2 others (and the 5 I left out) as separate projects.