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Jean-Christophe Helary
In Japan since '97. Translating and localizing on Mac since 2000. FOSS advocate and user. Super proud that I have some code that's been accepted in Emacs :^)
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Paul Graham is back!

Paul Graham is one of those who contributed to restarting the Lisp revolution that took the World by surprise in the early 2000's ... (1)

Back then, he used to write really thoughtful articles about plenty of things.

After becoming rich, he created Y Combinator, and Hacker News, and arc, and then, for some reason, started to blather about startups, and that was painful.

It looks like he's back with non trivial things to say. There is a string of articles from November of last year that look very interesting.

It feels good to have him back.

(1) If you haven't heard about Lisp, or haven't felt that revolutionary wind blowing, it is not too late. Lisp is the second-oldest language still in use in big production environments, and is here to stay.

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