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re: How did linguistics influence programming? VIEW POST

re: Mathematics and computer science having little to do with linguistics seems to be more often the position of people with an interest in the former ...

I totally agree with you. I'm a failed mathematician and an unsuccessful linguist :) But I think the fair reply to the OP is that there are no proofs that linguistics as a scientific field has influenced computer languages anywhere close to the way mathematics have.

I'm re-reading all the replies and yes, there are plenty of proofs, as was referenced in the exchange. I was just stuck in my vision/experience of linguistics.

My understanding of the OP's question was more in the field of programming language design (as Ben seemed to hint) where an influence of linguistic research would have contributed to produce languages closer, in expressiveness and structure, to native languages. So I was considering only a very narrow aspect of both computing and linguistic research.

Thank you Dian and Yucer for the really interesting comments.

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