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There is a small land plot that I can use on an island 30mn by ferry from the harbor. I usually take the morning ferry, do my stuff, have a beer with my island friends, and come back with the evening ferry.


Boats are great. I love riding on the NYC ferry.


A surprisingly many stops! But most importantly, a stop close to my apartment to a stop somewhat close to the office. I don't ride it every day, but it's a fun option to have, especially in the warmer months.

Here's a link to the map.

Wow, I was not aware NYC had so many ferry lines. My ferry looks like this seen from the island:
There are plenty of lines in the Seto Inland See, but the interesting part is that it's mostly islanders who use them. Most Japanese people are taught that Japan is an archipelago but don't experience that very often...

Yeah, NYC has pushed for ferries in the last two or three years -- maybe longer, but the actual lines started appearing in the past two or three years. It's a fairly new development.

the interesting part is that it's mostly islanders who use them.

I suppose having an amazing train system makes the ferry less popular, huh? I'm not sure how popular the ferries are here in NYC. I feel (based on no data) like it's usable for people who live farther away, and more popular since the NYC train/subway system is becoming more and more unreliable.

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