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I think the reference to Russians and China is hugely disingenuous. The orwellian system you depict has been put in place by US corporations, with the help of parts of the US government, with the refusal to interfere of yet other parts of the US government, with technology that has primarily be developed in the US over the course of the last decades and with the active support of US' allies. The DMCA is an US law, that's being pushed all over the place, copyright laws in the US have more and more influence all over the world, the push for DRM to be included in HTML was led by US corporations, and it's US politicians and members of the government who push for forcing device makers to implement less access to strong privacy for their customers.

If orwellian systems are a market, the US definitely holds the most shares and is fighting hard to not let China and Russian (and all the other bad guys) get more than what they need...


Could not agree more. It's capitalist Stockholm syndrom all over again.
(Not saying China are the good guys, they export 100000+ organs from political prisoners every year, but ... I mean the US doesn't seem to care about such things ...)

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