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I think I would have moved to Linux a while ago weren't it for the clearly superior i18n of Mac hardware and software.

On any Mac I've had since I started working on them (ooops, not really, back in 95 with system 7 you had to buy separate l10n packages, but still), I've been able to use the same keyboard layout to type French/Japanese/English out of the box. That means that I do not have to learn a new kb layout and blind type on key that are not labeled the way they output, that means that I also do not have to hack a system that won't be portable over machines and distributions, etc.

There are other things that I find extremely valuable (AppleScript for one) but I'm sure I could find other ways to automate my processes on Linux, or maybe Windows.

Right now, I don't plan a purchase. And unless my machine dies, I'm pretty sure that I'd rather have an extremely portable solution, like a tablet, even if it doesn't run Java (for my pro apps), so that I could keep the MBP with Java for work and the tablet for the non-Java tasks... But I'll see that 2-3 years from now I guess.

Thank you for the input !

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