Apps and global warming ?

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There are physical factors that make "going green" not the solution to global warming. Development as we know it and as we've experienced it in the last 40 years is not sustainable and there are no magic solar panels that will change this reality.

We need to stop using any sort of fossil fuel by 2050 (just 30 years down the road), which means finding revolutionary solutions to tremendously complex issues, like work, education, self-sustainability, etc. while working like crazy on solutions to:

1) absorb all the extra green house gases that were safely kept away as liquids or solids for millions of years and that we massively released in the air in the last half century to sustain our activity.

2) mitigate all the mess that this warming will cause all over the planet and find long terms solutions (planning ahead for a number of centuries) so that, say, 1000 years down the road we are on the way back to "normal".

So, as coders,
What role can we play today?
What leverage to we have?
What are the tools that we create that can help other people find leverage?

Where do we stand in this grand scheme of things?

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I’m really interested in this but so far have not figured out how to contribute.