Adventures in Tech Land, Season 2

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I've just resumed my own #10000daysofcode project after a First Season that failed miserably.

9 months later, I'm back to self-learning html / css / javascript / emacs / emacslisp / org / (ma)git / shell, etc. and all the other technologies that I need to write nice sites and create a strong infrastructure for them.

People who are curious can check my GitHub pages at:

The reboot has been pretty hectic so far. First, I'm living on very low bandwidth right now, which also means I don't have access to a lot of online ressources, which also means that I need to do with what I have on my machine, or on my bookshelves, and be smart with my ressources.

Also, since I've re-started, I've worked a lot on the site infrastructure. As you can see, I've created an org-mode file to track the things I need to do, I've drastically improved my (ma)git skills, and since Magit is an emacs mode just like org-mode, my skills at emacs have also improved a lot.

I'm still behind a number of things I used to be able to do last year, but I'm hoping I'll be catching up fast.

Et voilà ! And with all that, I'm hoping I'll be able to be more active here too...

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In Japan since '97. Translating and localizing on Mac since 2000. FOSS advocate and user. Super proud that I have some code that's been accepted in Emacs :^)


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#10000daysofcode project

That's a pretty long-term project. I think you mean #100daysofcode


No, I really mean #10000, that's about 30 years. Pretty much what's left for me around here. I don't see why I would aim for less. I mean, coding is part of life. What do you do when you're done with the 100 days ? You quit ?


In the 100 days of code challenge you code every day for 100 days and after the 100 days you are free to code at your preferred frequency. Coding is a part of life but to do it daily for 30 years is pretty crazy according to me.

Well, I'm in front of a computer everyday, so I might as well be crazy everyday instead of doing boring things on the machine... What's your take on this ?

Also, 100 days is 3 months, and 3 months is nothing. I can spend 3 months walking in the mountain every day and I won't be a better walker after 3 months.

And, coding everyday doesn't mean coding all day. I can think about coding, I can write about coding, and I can code just a few lines, or fix an issue, and that's still coding.