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Discussion on: 12 Ways To Reduce Carbon Footprints as a Full Stack Developer

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Brad • Edited on

Further investments into wind, solar, and yes even nuclear can meet significant amounts of energy demand and reduce carbon footprint over time. You don't need fusion or magical Mars minerals to power civilization sustainably, you just need the right kind of investments, mitigation against existing infrastructure and continual implementation over time. There are a number of countries in Europe that have large portions of their energy production being green and or nuclear. (nuclear isn't renewable, but it is very clean when done properly)

Most cloud providers publicly document their environmental impact, with all major ones aiming for or are already at carbon neutral. Generally however, cloud providers don't want to run unsustainably, hence they invest into making things as efficient as possible. When the alternative to the cloud is you doing stuff yourself, or worse getting on a plane/car and going somewhere in-person, the cloud, and thus large cloud companies are actually less energy intensive than most common alternatives.

Earth isn't dying, it's just changing incredibly rapidly. It is not the end of the world, but its deeply disturbing modern civilization more or less created this problem in the last 200 years. 200 years from now the question will be how bad did it get for those still around.

We just gotta keep the march toward making things better (and really pick up the pace to stave off the worse effects). We don't need 1 solution, we need all of them.

PS Fusion is nice, and has seen significant progress recently, but engineering the sun as an energy source isn't exactly the easiest engineering challenge. Its very possible for it to take another 50 years before seeing any real gains. In the mean time, building more renewables and possibly even investing into nuclear can and will be enough.