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Discussion on: Sure you want to be a tech lead?

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Olanrewaju A. Olaboye • Edited on

I am really happy to be seeing this article and discussion, I googled about becoming a great tech lead cause I am discussing with a company who really wants me to become their engineering lead after working with a team of 4developers in building their MVP. I believe Michael's ebook might just be the right answer, please I need as much advise as I can get.

Nice work Michael, the first two links when I searched on google one actually directed me to this post the second to your ebook on Leanpub which I have downloaded before realizing the author of the ebook also made this post.

One thing that made me do the googling in the first instance was watching Simo Sinek video about how leadership sucks in most companies cause a lot of people who are supposedly good at doing their jobs are promoted to become leaders without actually being taught how to lead