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Scope, quality or budget... Typically, you can't have all 3 in a situations like that... While budget may be the easiest solution on a project, it may not really work. Adding people on late project make it later AND decrease quality... Except if you are lucky and have somebody available with all the context to help.

The real solution we all know it: to ensure projects are on time, margins are necessary. Don't over commit, include margin for issues/scope change etc. Because they happen all the time. Typically management doesn't like that because it decrease productivity. People work a bit less and the product may end up just on time. They even say it: adding more work, adding more tasks increase productivity, on way or another.

But ultimately, nobody can force you do work more or faster, to compromize quality. And nobody can force you to under estimate cost. The developper is much more in control that he may think.

As a side remark the 40hours a week is just a number. It depend of the person and activity. Some people can put 60 hours a week for years. For other this may be 20 hours. The rest of the time is not really used efficiantly. The person is tired and inneficiant.

Independently, individual hourly performance is also greatly different depending of the person or the task. So it is not always the person that work the most that product the most.

Finally, for quality, this is the same. Some people produce quality. Some other not. Often, behing late and the presure is just an escuse to reduce quality.

In all cases a good professional may have high, low or average productivity but will provide reasonable estimate, will do the job with the required quality and work at substainable peace, whatever it is for him/her. There may be late delivery, especially if people persist to not put margins and even sometime put artifical deadline or to reduce budget to put presure. But that's their responsability... When you have a bit of experience, you seen it all, the tricks do not work anymore.

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