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Discussion on: Is Uncle Bob serious?

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Nicolas Bousquet

Processes are able to detect some easy to spot defect like a software that fail to run its unit tests. It may enforce 100% code coverage, but it can't ensure that the unit test suite actually make sense.

Processes can ensure there a requirement associated to each line of code, but not that this association actually make sense or that the requirement is actually a great idea or not.

The processes and QA can only detect some type of problems and they do not provide any creativity or intelligence by themselve.

The humans behind, the individuals that do the work are doing that and different team will achieve different results. There failure in critical systems too and many companies applies all the recent methodologies and best practice fail to upgrade their legacy software that is now working fine and did for dozen years and that was build most often with far less tooling available.

The human factor is key in any project because humans are actually implementing the project. A mediocre team of developpers, managers, products owners and alike will fail more often, be slower and will produce software with more bugs, including bugs in critical systems. There no way around that.

You can given them the best tools in the world they fail to leverage them.

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Blaine Osepchuk Author

I agree. If you don't have quality people, the best tools and processes will not be enough to delivery outstanding software.