How a Newbie Ended Up Creating a Popular SDV Mod

Brian Pak on May 15, 2019

How It All Started It all started in 2016 when I picked up the hit farming simulator Stardew Valley (SDV), a game developed solely by Er... [Read Full]
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loved reading this--makes me proud to work alongside you :)


also, really funny to learn that the map is purely an abstraction--now that i think about it, it would've been weird to have the minimap be a literal, scaled-down version of all the overworld's maps, but really neat that you had to use that tiny abstracted version to approximate locations anyway.


Haha yeah, it's just a presentational thing very loosely based on the game world. I think there was a good reason why no one else made the mod despite it being a highly desired feature -- there would be LOTS of tedious work involved to make it work accurately one way or the other. And there was.

Eventually I had to redraw the map to make it more accurate to the game world because I was really committed to making the mod very accurate.

i am LOVING this gif. how long did redrawing take you?

waaaaaay longer than I'd like to admit ☹️ all in the name of making my mod as best as it can be, haha


I love this! I'm a Data Science student at the Flatiron School in Houston and fellow SDV fangirl, just stumbled upon this post in my feed. Next playthrough I do (there will always be a next playthrough) I'll definitely be using your mod!


Oh man I would have loved this when i played.

Thanks for the insightful write-up @bouhm - as a fledgling indie just learning the ropes of Unity + C#, you've given me more hope!!!


I love you! Your mod saved me a lot of time in my hours of gameplay!


Great great article! Really enjoyed reading it!


"So I basically rewrote the whole thing, and damn it felt good."
I know that feeling... For me it was like cleaning out dirty floor and polishing it... XD

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