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The Definitive Guide to Remote Development Teams

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Remote teams are the new normal in 2020. While web application development teams have been collaborating with offshore clients for a while, COVID-19 has given an all-new perspective to remote work.

Todoist, a popular to-do software, has almost an entirely remote team. Zapier is another great example of a company that went fully remote.

There are countless examples where a web development company went fully remote and was still able to maintain its excellent services. BoTree Technologies went fully remote during COVID-19, and it has not hindered the progress.

Business Benefits of Remote Work

Are remote web design and development teams productive?

If you trust the experts, remote teams are more productive than in-house teams. And we all know how – no time wasted in commuting, no distractions, and whatnot.

But are custom web development teams really productive? Well, 91% of remote workers assert that they get more work done outside the office.

This fact proves to be true when you see that enterprise application development teams often work remotely with offshore clients. Almost a quarter of the IT work in the US is achieved with the help of remote web development service providers.

The major reason for the productivity of remote teams is that they get the freedom to work from anywhere they want. On average, remote workers are 20% happier than office employees.

However, any web application development company that has remote developers worries about their communication, collaboration, and performance. But most software developers would agree that the more autonomy they have, the better they can code.

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5 tips for remote web application development teams to work seamlessly

Any web development company can go remote. But it takes real effort to manage the remote team. There are a lot of things involved in developing web application services like coding, communication with clients, project management, daily standups, and whatnot.

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