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How are Shopify Experts Helping Independent Businesses in COVID-19

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Shopify App Development

In the wake of the pandemic, you must have decided that it is time for your small business or startup to go online. While customers are not stepping outside to make a purchase, ecommerce made it possible for you to reach them.

Shopify is a leading ecommerce platform that enables small businesses to make the most of the pandemic. Through Shopify development services, you can easily begin your store without much hassle.

But how do you begin with the platform? Shopify setup is challenging for the uninitiated. With all this disruption, how to start selling online and make your business profitable even amidst the lockdown.

In this article, you will understand how Shopify ecommerce website development can help your business and enable you to stay relevant during the pandemic.

Shopify development Services: Why it’s a great choice for your business?

Shopify development services for a Startup Company

Reasons to choose Shopify App development services for a Startup Company

Before we dive deep into the Shopify guide, let’s understand why it’s useful for small businesses and startups. While there are other platforms as well like Magneto and BigCommerce, Shopify website builder stands out as the preferred ecommerce platform for millions of businesses.

Feature-rich platform

  • Shopify is one of the best ecommerce platforms that provide a variety of features. It offers all the basic functionalities of product & inventory management. Along with that, you can accept online payments, give discount codes, product widgets, and much more.

    • You can also manage Shopify shipping rates in the website builder. It allows you to grant discounts on shipping or send products with free shipping.
    • Shopify has a list of integration with Facebook, Instagram, and Google shopping, allowing you to market your products effectively and without any hassle.

Affordable Shopify setup

  • One of the biggest advantages is that Shopify app development is really affordable. You can purchase a monthly Shopify for beginners plan, which costs less than $30. After that, you can begin customizing with Shopify development store and adding products.

  • However, it is recommended that you hire a professional Shopify web development company that can customize your website without burdening you with limitless possibilities. A custom ecommerce app development company will offer you a Shopify setup checklist, which would have all the features and applications that you want.

  • Learning Shopify web development might take some time, and you might miss a lot of opportunities. It is better to let Shopify developers to the work while you focus on strategizing how to generate from your online Shopify development store.

Seamless management

  • There are several Shopify tutorial for beginners that showcase how you can manage Shopify. The platform comes with an administrator dashboard and frontend. It makes management easier as you can see the changes on your website in real-time.

  • Shopify takes care of the serves, security, software updates and other things that you might not be interested in. It enables you to focus completely on selling your products.
    Professional Shopify developers can do the initial Shopify set up so that you only have to check the dashboard for revenue and costs. For any further changes, you can ask the same Shopify development agency to help you out.

Shopify support

  • The best thing about Shopify web development is that you get quick support via live chat, email or phone from Shopify. If you run into any trouble, you can contact their customer support, which provides fast and responsive communication to assist you.

  • Shopify ecommerce website builder also includes “Kit”, a sort of virtual employee that always keeps an eye on your ecommerce store. It sends you tips and tricks and also helps your store in running advertising and marketing campaigns.

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Shopify app development for your business in the pandemic

Shopify tutorials for beginners are of great help for individuals who are starting their online store. However, if you are a small or mid-sized business, wanting to explore the full potential of ecommerce, hiring someone for Shopify app development can help you out.

Between March 13 to April 24, there was a 62% increase in the number of Shopify ecommerce stores. The reason was simple – businesses wanted to reach maximum customers who were staying at home.

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