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Discussion on: Is Uncle Bob serious?

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Blaine Osepchuk Author

I couldn't agree more, Steve.

SpaceX is somehow using Linux for basically everything: in its rockets, the dragon capsule, launch control and monitoring. The linux kernel is not built to safety-critical standards so I'm not sure how they are getting away with it. NASA made a fuss about SpaceX's software development practices a couple of years ago and that all kind of faded away.

Here's a great talk about the concerns people have about using linux in safety-critical settings:

I believe software developers--more or less--deliver the software that their employers truly want (what they say they want is often different).

An employer may say they want secure software with low defect rates but they don't provide training, they don't implement the practices or use the tools that we know lead to better software, the requirements keep changing, the staff have questionable skill, they insist on an aggressive schedule, etc.

So, yeah, I think cars, IOT systems, and drones will kill people. Data breaches aren't going away either. There are only two things that I think might bend the curve here:

  • regulations with teeth and strong enforcement
  • software liability laws need to change