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Building an audience before launching your app

Whats up DEV? Hope we're all having an awesome day :)

I've just started getting to the end stages of the web app I've been working on during lockdown, without going into an insane amount of detail (because it's besides the point of the post), it's basically a backpacking multi tool, with trip planning,interactive map, document storage and a few other nice features. Completely free :).

Anyway, I was would be a bit of a flop to complete the app..release it..and have nobody use it for weeks while I put my best marketing hat on.

So instead I made an email capture website, in the coming weeks i'm hoping to get people interested, and build a list of emails. Not to send spam to, just to send a single, one time email to let them know Vegr(my app) is ready for them.

How many of you have done something like this? How well did it work? Did you manage to retain any sort of an audience?

Link to the site is here, I would very much appriciate any feedback on the site I can get :).

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