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I published my first Alexa Skill - Profession Finder

boobo94 profile image Bogdan Alexandru Militaru Originally published at ・2 min read

I published my first Alexa skill for the US store and it started slow. One week ago I released my first personal skill, Profession Finder after some time that I hesitated. The skill aims to discover the professional typology of the user by asking a set of simple question.

How it works my Alexa Skill - Profession Finder

The interaction with the Alexa skill is very simple. There are two main intents available where the user can start a new test and find his profession or consult his actual result.

The test is selected randomly and is composed of multiple questions(around 40, depends on by test). The questions are very simple and the answer can be affirmative or negative. You are able to repeat the question in any moment, by asking Alexa:

Repeat the question!

After the last question, Alexa sends you the response, informing you about your profile, what that profile title means and what professions are common for it. If by any chance you interrupted the test, next time will start from the beginning.

In any moment you have the possibility to check your profile, by asking Alexa:

Which are my results

If no results are available, the skill will ask if you want to start a new test.

Feel free to ask for help by simply saying:


Alexa will present the available intents offered by the skill. To close the skill, is very simple, just ask the skill to close in any way defined as default for Alexa skills.

Do you want to make a try? Install Profession Finder and discover what type of job fits to you.

PS: If you need to understand more about Alexa Skills, please take a look at my previous article 5 common questions about how to build an Alexa Skill (Amazon Alexa).

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