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re: If you want to be proficient in that language you love then wake up early I'm sorry but this is just terrible advice. You need sleep. It's not a ...

Appreciate your comments @quii . I didn't mean you skip sleep literally. What I'm trying to put across is waking up early enough (not necessarily 4 am) to actually accomplish whatever you want and more. I strongly agree with your idea of getting enough sleep (an average of at least 6.5 hours) for productivity.

I strongly believe getting up early gives you a kick start for the day ahead. Besides allowing you more hours for your work, it also boosts your speed.


For the majority of population 6.5h average sleep is detrimental to performance and ultimately health. Your advice is viable only for a select fraction of people.

If an average person wants to get up @ 4am,they'd better be asleep by 8pm.

Your right, so for someone of the other part of the population, it can be actually healthier to spent lest time on the bed, @boltc0rt3z is not even just talking to wake up and code, he just gives some examples and opinions about it, you can use those extra hours to do something for your health, and that would impact on your general performance during the day, the week, etc.

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