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Discussion on: I am a 6 year experienced consultant, ask me anything

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Hi Kanav ☺, I'm interested in knowing what programming language you use to develop on Salesforce? Also, what challenges have you had integrating with other systems, in your years of experience?

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Kanav Khurana Ask Me Anything

Hi David. Thanks for the question!
For the back end, Salesforce uses ‘Apex’, an object oriented language similar to Java.
For the front end, Salesforce uses ‘lightning web components’, an MVC framework.
Hence, if you have experience working with OO languages and MVC frameworks, these languages should be swift pick up.
Re: challenges integrating with other systems:
1) Outbound data flows from Salesforce : The platform offers multiple ways - including no code and low code - to send data.
Challenges : Custom Error logging needs to be built since Salesforce doesn’t provide an out of the box way to manage this.

2) Inbound flows from external systems to Salesforce : Salesforce offers both REST AND SOAP api’s for integration. The Identity and Access management capabilities are also fairly robust (although I’m a newbie in this aspect).
Challenges: Being a SaaS product, Salesforce has limits to the number of records one can include in a CRUD operation in real time. This may require external systems or the middle ware to use custom handling (for sync operations) or to use an async approach.

Is there any specific use case you have in mind? If so, I am happy to help you further. :)

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Thanks for the response 👍. I dont have an use case in mind, it's just that at my job we'll have a salesforce component. So I wanted to know more😄