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Redirect URL

Let suppose there are two URL , and user makes 100 request , then first 30 request should go to one URL and rest 70 request should go to other URL, how to perform this operation using redirect function in express? #express #redirects

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To perform this operation using the redirect function in Express, you will need to create a middleware function that checks the number of requests that have been made to the server and redirects them to the appropriate URL based on that count.

Here is an example of how you might implement this middleware function:

// Create a counter variable to keep track of the number of requests
var requestCounter = 0;

// Create the middleware function
function redirectByRequestCount(req, res, next) {
  // Increment the request counter

  // Check if the request counter is less than or equal to 30
  if (requestCounter <= 30) {
    // Redirect to the first URL
  } else {
    // Redirect to the second URL

// Use the middleware function in your Express app
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In this example, the redirectByRequestCount function is a middleware function that is used in the Express app. This function increments a requestCounter variable each time it is called, and checks the value of the requestCounter to determine which URL to redirect to.

If the requestCounter is less than or equal to 30, the function will redirect to the first URL. Otherwise, it will redirect to the second URL. This will ensure that the first 30 requests are redirected to the first URL, while the remaining 70 requests are redirected to the second URL.

Note that this example uses a global variable to keep track of the number of requests, which may not be suitable for all situations. You may want to consider using a more robust solution, such as a database, to store and track the request count in a more scalable and reliable way.

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