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Discussion on: Do FreeCodeCamp Certifications Hold Weight?

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Bob Matyas

As you say in your post, the certificates themselves likely aren't worth that much in and of themselves. But if they are helpful in motivating someone to learn to code or expand their existing coding skills, then that's great and they are inherently worth something.

I'm currently working through the final projects in the Front End Libraries certification (I previously did the Responsive Web Design and JavaScript Data Structures & Algorithms courses and projects) and by the end will have five ReactJS projects I can talk about and an expanded skill set, so I feel good about the process.

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Brian Barbour Author

I'm super proud of my certificates. Because, I know the effort I put into them. I could care less if employers thought positive or negative about them.

But, I have a hard time seeing any employer looking at them in a negative scope. They show you're able to start something (many projects in this case) and finish them all within requirements.

That's what you have to do at work as a software engineer.