Rust for front-end developers

Brian Neville-O'Neill on October 17, 2019

Written by Obinna Ekwuno✏️ The world of front-end development is fast-paced and can be pretty daunting to even the most experienced developers. E... [Read Full]
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I'm sorry, but I fail to comprehend the purpose of this article. It's titled "Rust for front-end developers", yet it manages to say absolutely nothing about front-end for its entire length, except for a quick mention of wasm. Installation instructions and bullet points about Rust's awesomeness are intermixed with no apparent structure or goal. You say Rust is awesome, to conclude that Rust is awesome, and plug a product. What is the point?


Rust responds to requests nearly 100 times faster on average than Node, and you won’t run into the compile time errors that JavaScript apps are usually prone to.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but did you mean run-time errors instead of compile time?

The Rust compiler does a LOT more checks than JavaScript in the compilation step. This would yield more errors at compile time for Rust, but fewer run-time errors.

Great article btw!

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