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re: Glad to hear this approach is working for your team and colleagues :) Is there any corresponding positive statement/message, ie: what /can/ people...

Is there any corresponding positive statement/message, ie: what /can/ people talk about that might help them deal with resentment or feeling offended, etc.?

This is an interesting question, I would separate it to two, preventing offending behavior which I initially describe my way by avoiding myself from gossip and slander, and treatment which might be a very personal matter, for some people time can do the trick for others direct communication.

If you are talking about a case where you are not directly involved I believe personally avoiding slander is still helping as I describe, avoiding slander spread like the gossip itself.

Genuinely curious (having never tried this): do you ever find that people just take the slander outside the office (eg: to social media)?

I didn't met it in the workspace itself but I can see it all the time in the social media, I heard it's very common in school kids, I think the social media it's just a property of the root problem and we better deal with the root, if someone avoiding slander in person he becomes sensitive to it and will avoid it in social media as well.

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