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Write code, talk about it.. just trying to imagine and build

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Implement Hover in Vue

You are welcome

Code Smell 105 - Comedian Methods

Naming looks like just a simple thing we do every time we wan...

From Engineer to Tech Lead - Doubts and Challenges

I liked this blog post, my reading come in the time.

My first React App ^_^

Great Work Youssef! Keep it up

Code Smell 06 - Too Clever Programmer

In the point.

My Third Year Of Freelancing

Good Job bro, keep it up

VueJS: Scroll top component

Thank you helpful explanation.

6 principles for efficient learning

I enjoyed reading this post, thanks man

How I Created my First Plugin-System

You do a great work.. really

What I Learned This Week (March 16, 2018)

You learned a lot.. keep moving i enjoyed your post :)

Newbie Developers, Don’t trust those Tutorials.

Still you must write answer bro,, you dont know even if your ...

Poll: body overflow

To avoid this, overflow-y: scroll is correct, but if you st...

Discuss: Do we need the "Senior" Software Engineer title?

Great point, Scott.. I always have this similar point, the ...

How do you deal with a lot of meetings?

You can discuss that with your manager.. to find the best d...

How to create web-based notifications using Laravel and Pusher

Great explanation.. keep moving I like the simlicity here

My recent front-end interview experiences

Hey, Congratulation for the new job, all the best bro.. I r...