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Discussion on: Why You Shouldn't Use A Web Framework

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BLVKOBLSK • Edited on

While I get the point of the OP and agree that people should at least know some fundamental basics before being wrapped in a framework (which do have their place of course), everyone grasps and learns things differently of course and some catch on faster than others regardless of career.

I come from an extensive culinary background and within that industry there is a great saying...

'Even Master Chefs can learn something new from their new dishwasher'.

Anyhow, I thought that wisdom would help in some way in this case. 🤘

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David Wickes Author

It's true! And what I'd like master chefs to learn from their juniors is that they don't need their frameworks! I think people who are learning are the best placed to see through the unnecessary cruft and just write a program to do a job - tbh I think some senior developers are the worst at just grabbing the nearest framework they're comfortable with and starting from there.

Great saying - thanks for sharing it!