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Discussion on: The Maybe data type in JavaScript

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Aviral Kulshreshtha

It's a valid question as this post doesn't put Maybe into context. It's very un-clean to litter your code with null checks etc; moreover, it's not very mathematical to have functions that are that unpredictable. Another reason is inversion of control. The ecosystem around Maybe/Either etc in functional JS is enables the caller of a function to do error management independently, outside of that function, i.e. no more try-catches, no more checking types of returned values, just pattern matching on the returned type if it's an Either.

I've been using Ramda long before I started using Eithers and Maybes and ever since I switched to using ADTs my Ramda composition pipelines have become more succinct, more "clean" and more predictable.

Maybe I don't make any sense, But if you read the replies to Drew's comments and go through Brian Lonsdorf's linked tutorial; it will help you discover a new paradigm of making predictable apps with JS that are easier to reason about.

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