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Discussion on: Functors and Monads in Javascript

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Aviral Kulshreshtha

I'm not doing it because thousands are though, I'm doing it simply for how easy it makes development, and how lesser prone to spaghetti I am.

I don't really know much about a business perspective beyond what I'm programming to be understood and worked on by everyone else independent of me. And while training new people on my project I've found them to appreciate little things like how you can log the output of every link in the chain to literally "time travel" through how your data transducing / logic is happening per step. If code in maintainable and people understand it, that's all that one really needs. Availability of talent is valid, tooling idk. But this is just in my case with the people around me, there could be cases where this paradigm is proving useless, mine isn't such.
But I'll say It's presumptuous and unnerving for you to say that everyone appreciates something they're doing because it's "cool". There's 200 other ways to have discourse about what you appreciate and what you do not that doesn't involve personal and presumptuous remarks!

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