re: Is it possible to get relevant industry experience on your own (not through working at a company)? VIEW POST


The simple answer is: yes; if you're developing apps you're gaining relevant experience!

It sounds like you're in a relatively comfortable position to make the transition: a regular income with time on the side for your own projects. If your plan is to set up your own business then for the time being just do what's right for you.

The tools you encounter in a work environment are often there to facilitate working in teams; but can be useful on personal projects too - e.g. code repos such as Git are invaluable for backing up code and allow you to experiment with ideas whilst being able to revert changes if necessary. But no-one is expected to know all these tools in-depth: you usually choose a specialism and concentrate on that.

If you want demonstrable 'industry' experience for the purpose of getting a job you could also consider working on Open Source projects. They'll be using similar tooling but you won't be in a high-pressure work environment; so it may be a more comfortable introduction.

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