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Are You interested in a series implementing the same application in Vue, React, Angular, Svelte?

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Last months learning React after Angular and Vue, I've come to the conclusion that frontend frameworks are very similar. I've started implementing the same application (at first Todo app) with nearly identical files, components and store structures.

The application list would consist of the following (some of them are already complete):

My question is that are You interested in an article series showing the similarities/differences between these frameworks? Or even a website where You can choose between the topics (like rendering or component interaction) and the frameworks and it prints out the implementation side-by-side?

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It may be worth it to check this out.

It has a spec to build to and there are backend and front ends to build apps to the same spec. Basically a medium clone. It could be nice to contribute to that by building an app that does this.

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I know about Real World, that would be the next step to build the Real World application the same way with different frameworks. Thanks for noting.


I don't have the faintest idea :) I was just saying its a good idea and thanks.

Actually, I bet they misread it as "thanks for nothing." 😅

Hmm. yea odd. I don't see why people flagged it either.


Such a fun and useful way to learn. I do the same thing. One big jump that I try to do is without frameworks, so starting with EJS and then rebuilding with React...and then in Swift...and Flutter/Dart. Now, I'm trying to rebuild apps that I've made before with Vue - reminds me of React.

I'd love to see how someone else does this. Go Gábor.


Now there is a new choice React&Concent(github.com/concentjs/concent) to fight against Vue3 Composition Api, welcome to have a try _^

simple quick start: codesandbox.io/s/green-tdd-g2mcr
standard project with concent eco-libs: codesandbox.io/s/concent-guide-xvcej


Checked it, seems super simple, thanks for sharing.

There shouldn't be a "fight against XY framework", they solve the same issue, just in a different way.


yes, you are right, so sorry for my incorrect words.


First, thank you for the proposition.

Personally, a series showing differences and similarities would be awesome.
I learned and worked with react for my personal projects, and now I need to learn angular for my job.
So this type of content could really help me (and others for sure) transition concepts learned in one framework to another.

My only concern is for the sake of comparison and accessibility, the "good practices" for some frameworks could be lost.

Looking forward to reading your articles.


I agree. I've never come across a single author series like this where the developer bias isn't towards one of the approaches and sort of loses the subtle nuances in other libraries of what makes them great. I find it much more interesting when you have experts at each library exemplify the characteristics that make those libraries great. Sure it isn't as apples to apples but you can notice after a while when the code isn't written the way someone who uses the library all the time would do it.


Absolutely, very much yes! It's an idea I've had in the past but just haven't continued on because I have other things going on, so I would be so excited to see you/others do it!


Isn't there a website that showcases the "Todo-in-all-MVCs" already?

I am talking specifically about todo apps. There's a website TodoMVC that shows a lot of popular frameworks and their Todo app implementation, in some cases even with Routing.


Your todo-mvc link is wrong. But personally I wouldn't mind a new set of examples conceived at the same time, written by the same person.


Sorry for the wrong link. I edited the reply. The link is correct now


Hi, my dear friend, I have seen your awesome todo-app list written by different frameworks, so I add a new one written by React&Concent, hope you like it_^

And in the concent version todo-app, I mark some type comment to let you see the state、reducer、computed type very easily, so in concent it is easy to write with typescript and easy to let others understand.
here is another ts standard app: codesandbox.io/s/concent-guide-ts-...

Looking forward to your feedback about Concent, I will continuously optimize it to let more and more people write funny and powerful react.

By the way, as Concent works based on dependency mark、ref collection and state broadcast, if you check the react-dev-tool in CodeSandbox, you'll find the app's dom hierarchy is very less.


I just fork your React Hooks version project and create the new one, thank you for your git repo, that let me can make a this demo quickly.


Yes Please! Would be awesome to get the Svelte version! I'm very curious to see what are the similarities with Vue by comparing same app.


Would be really great. And perhaps you can include solid.js into the list of frameworks?


In the first round I'll only target the ones with a bigger user base...even with 4 frameworks it takes an enormous amount of time. Maybe in the future, or if it becomes an open-source site, feel free to contribute.


Add RiotJS and I'd be interested


Yes!!! Of course, i really need this. 😃😃😃


Yes please. I wanted to make a series of such comparative applications myself but I still lack the time and knowledge.


Yeah, that would be helpful for those of us that are just starting our journey in framework


I would love to see how a developer can implement Algolia beside the various Frameworks!


I've finished the Svelte implementation, only one more left before the article 🎉


I get it, but have you checked my repositories? I use the official CSS, so that would be a surprise not to know the website.


I really bored to see javascript articles. That means there are not much people writing other than javascript.