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re: Hey Sasa, I'm a big fan. Look forward to playing around more. A few quick thoughts: Maybe have some of the additional options (Range v. Point /...

Wow thanks for suchy a lengthy response and your feedback!

There is a lot of place for improvement, I’m aware of it, I just quickly plastered it all together last night because I had a meeting due this morning and I was getting tired of manually adding up all those download figures lol. It’s work in progress!

I definitely agree with you on the placeholder and pre set default time. I’ll fix it up ASAP.

The chart was initially centered and a lot narrower, it looked a lot prettier too, but when you chose a long custom range all those dates got crammed together and it looked nasty, so I had to go with full width until I have time to properly style it.

If you inspect it you’ll actually see that I used inline CSS euuw, I just wanted to make it presentable in a timely manner xD

I’ll be adding RoR’s Turbolinks for a smoother experience and I had an idea of adding a notification system you could subscribe to, e.g. to get a mail when a cetain package hits a milestone that you chose, like monthly downloads :))

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