re: Javascript needs competition on the front end. Thoughts? VIEW POST

re: I think competition is coming. Elm and languages that could target WebAssembly should bring some variety to front end web development.

Elm could be something, looks like they're doing their own thing, unlike Dart which tried to improve upon Javascript which in my opinion is the reason it hadn't caught up, but I'm not sure about WASM, aren't we kinda making a full circle and going back to nineties with C/C++ for web?


I doubt C/C++ would catch on for the web necessarily, but maybe Rust. It seems like that's the high-perf language that has the most momentum due to novelty/excitement and stewardship from Mozilla.

But JavaScript engines are improved so much always bet on JavaScript .

I agree. JS isn't going anywhere but there is always going to be people who want something very different. I think Elm qualifies as quite different from JS.

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