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How to export font files of Adobe Fonts on MacOS

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How to export font files of Adobe Fonts on MacOS? Creative Cloud in general and Adobe Fonts in particular is different from Google Fonts. With Google Fonts, you can download the font file in 1 click but you cannot do it with Adobe Fonts in direct way. In this post, I will share you how to export font files that you actived on MacOS.

Step 1: Open Finder on Mac - [on Menu Bar] Press Go to open sub-menu - Press & Hold Option key on your keyboard and you will see Library appear in sub-menu of Go - Click on Library.

*Library is the hidden folder and MacOS will hide it.

Step 2: Go foward this path: Library → Application Support → Adobe → CoreSync → Plugins → livetype → Nothing in livetype [because it is all hidden]

How to export font files of Adobe Fonts on MacOS

To show all the file in livetype folder, combine press Command + Shift + .

After do this thing, you will see some hidden holder (UI with 30% opacity) included (often 3 folders):

  • .c
  • .e
  • .r : Here is the folder where locate Fonts file.

How to export font files of Adobe Fonts on MacOS

Step 3: Go to .r folder, you will see some of fonts with .otf extension. About these .otf file (name of these file often are .1234.otf, .6789.otf, .somenumber.otf etc:

It's all your fonts that you actived on Adobe Fonts only. Try to open your Adobe Font and active some fonts, there so some .otf file will appear in this folder after you active. Absolutely, when you deactive your fonts on Adobe Fonts, some .otf in this folder will be disappeared too.

Step 4: Because, these .otf in .r folder are hidden file so you cannot use it (hidden files often are being use by MacOS System), so you need to move these files to another location (such as Downloads/Documents to use)

Copy [Do not Cut] it (.otf files) and Paste in Downloads folder. It is still hidden file (30% opacity looks). You need to convert it into public file to use it. To convert it, you just need to change the name before .otf extension as well. When you change the name, the file will be clearly showed (without 30% opacity looks).

How to export font files of Adobe Fonts on MacOS

*If the file still be (30% opacity looks) after you changed the name, just quick-change how items show (inline or icon or list) or close the Finder and open again. It will works (this may a MacOS UI issue when the UI of Finder not updating when changing the file type).

Step 5: Enjoy it.

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