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Been working on Upwork since 2010 when it was Odesk. I average about 4 gigs per week mainly doing Web scrapping, NLP/Sentiment analysis, Data Analysis, API Design and Web development using Flask and Django. I get clients mainly through referrals and have a few long term clients with regular repeat jobs. Despite the negative press it receives Upwork is a good platform if you play by the rules, identify high paying categories and provide good work. I average about $6K per month which is not bad considering i'm from a third world country. The platform however has some pain points like recent changes that seem to make it hard to create a new account and get approved especially in categories that already have a lot of freelancers.


4 gigs per week man that's a lot ... 6K per month that's also quite a lot, not just for "3rd world standards" - I think that many folks from 'developed places' (lol how stupid does that sound ...) would also be contented with that kind of money.

Do you make most of that 6K from repeat clients with whom you already have a good working relationship? I guess it would be hard to make 6K only by picking up gigs directly from Upwork.

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