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Discussion on: What I Use Now Instead Of Google

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Hi Kira, this post resonated with me instantly, since I've started a similar project for myself for this year! I've already set up my own Nextcloud server and moved all my files from Google Drive and Dropbox to this private server. I still use Google Drive though to backup my files. I've setup Duplicati on my private server which encrypts the most important files and uploads them to Google Drive, so currently my Drive account only contains encrypted files so Google can't snoop anymore.
Currently I'm also looking to switch email to a more private friendly provider (currently still using Gmail for my private account). As an EU citizen I prefer my data to be kept within the EU, so I'm considering considering either ProtonMail (even though this is Swiss-based) or
For browsers I'm currently trying out Brave. So far I like how it works. I especially like to option to create different profiles within your browser.
I recently also started using DuckDuckGo, thus far no complaints.
Currently I still use Youtube, because it just has allot of amazing content, but I also use TED and NPO Plus (Dutch Public Broadcasting subscription).
As for location services, I'm still looking around.